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Elizabeth Gibson is a prolific writer, speaker and business psychologist who uses her acumen in the behavioral sciences to partner with clients in transforming individual, group and organizational behavior into bottom-line business results.

In the late 1990’s, Dr. Gibson led the consulting team that partnered with Best Buy Co., Inc., in a transformational change that turned the company around. Best Buy’s stock price increased over 1400% in five years, at a time when the high-tech sector was suffering. Specifically, the change impacted same-store profitability and reduced employee turnover. This successful partnership is described in Big Change at Best Buy: Working Through Hyper Growth to Sustained Excellence (Davies-Black, April 2003) written by Elizabeth Gibson and Andy Billings. Brad Anderson, then the CEO of Best Buy, generously contributed the Foreword and gives credit to Dr. Gibson and her team for their contribution to this stunning success.

Dr. Gibson’s expertise in consulting to senior executives has been highlighted in Fast Company Magazine and her success with Best Buy has been written about in Fortune, CIO, American Way and PM (Project Manager) Magazine, as well as the Journal of Business Strategy. She lives in Austin, TX. You can learn more at or  LinkedIn.


Scott Uhrig is a McKinsey consultant turned high-tech headhunter who offers career wisdom and advice at His philosophy in a nutshell:  Most people want more out of their jobs and careers, but they’re not sure what more means, and they don’t know how to get it.  They haven’t yet realized that the solution lies in rethinking some fundamental assumptions about career success and career management.  They cling to outdated and narrow definitions of career success and are often left unfulfilled and wanting even more.  They try traditional long-term career planning, but for most people, long-term career planning doesn’t work.  People who get more out of their careers explore new and broader definitions of success, and they develop their own definition of what more means to them.  They replace long-term career planning with agile career development, and they learn how to conduct successful job searches.  Then they build their career one successful job search at a time.

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Janet Scarborough Civitelli, Ph.D. is a vocational psychologist, career coach, and author of Help Me Find A Career: Strategies To Choose Work You Will Love and Help Find Career Strategies (eBook).

Dr. Civitelli works with clients via Skype or telephone to help them choose, change, or advance their careers. Her popular career advice blog is at

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