Advice for the Newly Promoted: 5 Behaviors that Will Ensure a Successful Transition

The first thing you need to know is that what got you the promotion will NOT necessarily make you successful at the next level. Many people use the same skills over and over again, yet fail to develop new ones that are potentially more effective the higher up they go in an organization. This is particularly true for people moving from a midlevel to a senior management role!

The 5 TO DO’s:

  1. Be Confident in your Personal Presence – Adopt a relaxed style that puts others at ease and increases your accessibility.
  1. Be Accountable NOT responsible for Results – Others will need to be responsible for driving results but you are now accountable for making sure results happen- no excuses.
  1. Define the Vision but not the path– You define the big picture – the what – but you leave the how to others. Empower employees to create their own roadmaps.
  1. Customize Your Communications – Beyond asking who is your audience, ask instead what are they thinking and do I need to change their thinking?
  1. Renew Your Perspective – Intentionally look for new and different ways to kick-start your creativity and rejuvenate your passion for what you do best!