Bringing Positive Energy Into the Workplace

You probably know positive energy when you see it – right? Is it a thought, a mood, or a behavior? All of the above! Positive energy can be characterized through positive thoughts, feelings and actions. If you are not actively engaging in the positive then you may have already gone over to the negative, dark side, so here’s my quick checklist for cultivating the positive every day at work.

  1. You become what you are thinking – Are you optimistic about the future? Do you bring a “what if?” sense of curiosity to decision-making or problem-solving activities? Are you aware of your thoughts at any given time? Do you focus on what’s right with the world and the good things that happen? Do you recognize the good that you bring to the community?
  1. You need to foster an attitude of gratitude – Do you take time during the day to show your appreciation for others’ contributions? Do you look for the best in people? Do your customers know what they mean to you? When was the last time you thanked someone for what they did for you or your organization? When was the last time someone thanked you for your actions?
  1. You need to lead with positive intent – Are you being authentically transparent in your actions? Do others know why you do what you do? Is oversight really necessary or can you trust others to do what’s best? If something goes wrong, do you really need to place blame?