consulting servicesOur services are targeted to address critical client needs at three levels of engagement:

  • Individual – we work one on one with individuals to  address specific developmental needs or desired outcomes, and to enhance their overall effectiveness in personal and professional endeavors.
    Examples include: Executive Coaching, Leadership or Career Development, Talent Assessment
  • Team – we work with High Performing teams to leverage individual differences for the purpose of increasing their aggregate talents/skills and mobilizing their collective energy towards the timely attainment of a common goal.
    Examples include: Team Coaching and Development, Virtual Team Assessment and Deployment
  • Organizational – we work with organizations to create and deliver key programs, processes, and disciplines required to maintain a competitive edge, manage talent development, engage employees, and ensure that they have the people resources to ensure continuity.
    Examples include: Succession Planning, Implementing Strategic Change Initiatives, Talent Development Roundtables, Employee Engagement and Retention programs and theme-based workshops and off-sites