Happy Employees = Happy Clients

Happy Employees = Happy Clients: Last month’s tip provided you with a short set of questions to see how you compare to companies that excel at client service. How did you do? One person alone is insufficient to delight your clients. It takes every employee acting in the client’s best interest to make a real difference. It takes happy and engaged employees because they understand the link between your client’s success and their own. So what have you done lately to keep your employees engaged and committed to your company? Here are the top 3 things that engaged and happy employees care about:

Leadership – Both the quality of their direct manager and also the top executive is important. Are they role models? Do they offer ongoing support and constructive feedback? Do they walk the talk and live the company values?

Investment in their future – Are there continuous opportunities to learn new things and develop their skills? Are there different challenges or work assignments available? Do I have access to a mentor or coach? Is tuition reimbursement available for specialized training?

Work/Life Balance – Do you offer flexible work schedules, meaningful benefits, and a reasonable workload? Telecommuting is also a plus!

If you strive to treat your employees like your best clients then you will be rewarded with their loyalty and continued engagement. By extension, your clients will also be the recipients of this good will and more likely to remain delighted with your company over time.

Note: This article is also published on the Kitsap Economic Development Site.